Advice & Guidance


Got question or a worry about data privacy?

Whether it be contractual, email marketing, customer complaint, whatever it is drop us a line and we will give you guidance. Up to 30 mins free and often that’s all you need! We also offer more comprehensive services too such as having your own dedicated privacy expert on hand to respond to any privacy query no matter how complex.

Virtual and OnSite


If you need some assurance about your existing data privacy protocols or perhaps you  have a need to get on top of a situation quickly, then we can help you.

We offer a variety of on-site and off-site assessments and audits to meet your needs, timescales and budget.  Be it an audit, gap analysis, remediation, training or validation then its available here. 

We can offer on-site and virtual (staff stay on-site) or a blend of both, for many of the privacy services you will need. drop us a line to tell us more about your specific needs and we can see how we can meet those needs.

Virtual DPO


The responsibility for Data Privacy in many companies is left to the person who was out of the room or on holiday when it was decided! 

The responsible person is often called the Data Protection Officer (DPO) BUT, did you know not all businesses need one and certainly not all the time.

If you need a qualified privacy professional and want to ease the burden on your team then use our DPO service. It works by you having your own dedicated person in our team. You cane have different levels of access to have as much, or as little, telephone and email access as you might need and we recognize that what you need today can change over time so the model is flexible too.

Prices start as little as £149 per month.



European Flag GDPR


It still causes confusion and fear in some people and you’d be surprised how many businesses are not yet compliant.

We have helped many companies around Europe to get compliant for GDPR and to do it quickly, easily and in a way that makes sense for your business –  keeping it working, within the rules and without cutting off your marketing pipelines or draining your teams precious time. 

Don’t be afraid to have your current processes checked out as you’d be staggered at the number of times a week we see companies collecting or using data and not being inside the regulations.

The ICO has now started levying very large fines on companies in line with the 4% maximum but don’t think the fines are the first course of action. The ICO simply want compaines to get compliant and accept that it can take time to do that especially with companies that don’t have the resources freely available to make it happen. So let us help, we can find out where you are, set up a plan to put you on the right path and then help you achieve that compliance and all without impacting your valuable resources, your staff.

We can perform and assessment, audit or review then build your plan, get in touch and find out when.